#25 Fr. Shaun Foggo





35 years old

From Hyattsville, Maryland

Shaun finished High School and went to Catholic University of America, where he studied history. After completing his degree he taught Physical education in a couple different schools in the Archdiocese of Washington. Then he taught history at DeMatha High School and helped coach baseball.

It was around this time that the call to the priesthood, which had been tugging at his heart for a long time, finally got the better of him. Realizing that it was not going away he turned and embraced the Lord’s call to him to be his priest.

His favorite things about the seminary are prayer and the affect it has had on his life; the preparation for the priesthood in general, which has been a fascinating journey; and the intramural sports opportunities he has enjoyed while in the seminary.

Shaun loves baseball and worked hard to make the team at Catholic University, where he played outfield for 3 years.

Favorite team: Nationals

Favorite player: Mike Mussina

2 thoughts on “#25 Fr. Shaun Foggo

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  2. This s a great idea for young boys to see Priests in level they can understand. I plan to bring my grandsons to a game this summer. I remember Shaun Foggo from DeMatha and Catholic University, I worked at the University and my daughter played softball there.

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